World 1st – Cordless Robot Pool cleaner

09 June, 2012

Robotic Pool Cleaners are used extensively in Hotel Pools, resorts and domestic pools to ensure pools are kept clean, brushed and scrubbed and ready for use each day.

But for pools, Robots have been unable to operate because of their low voltage power cable – and the potential for this to get tangled on Islands or pillars that are part of the design of the pool. Now, Maytronics are pleased to announce the launch of the Dolphin Liberty Pro.

The Liberty Pro is a world 1st! It is the only robot on the market with no cord and therefore no hassles. The Liberty uses space age Lithion Ion battery technology to ensure the Robot has maximum suction power and working life and minimal charge times.

“The Liberty changes the robot pool cleaning sector completely! This amazing product means that Hotel Maintenance teams no longer need to struggle to manually clean their unique pools”, said Dan Kwaczynski, Managing Director of Maytronics Australia. Whilst the Liberty is designed to work individually in pools up to 15 metres, because they are cordless, multiple cleaners can be used in tandem to provide exceptional coverage in larger pools.   Some of the key stats are:

  • Cycle time – 1 to 1.5 hours

  • Recharg time – 2 to 4 hours

  • Pool size per cleaner – 15 metres

  • Suction power – 17000 litres per hour

  • Cleans, floor, wall and benches

  • Gyroscope included to optimise scanning pattern efficiency (refer example below)



Pool Cleaner

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