Mineral Swim

Dead Sea water vs tap water

04 May, 2018


Mineral Swim™ is a pure and healthy pool water solution, rich in minerals (especially magnesium), uses minimal chemicals and enhances bather wellbeing. Just like the Dead Sea. Thanks to AHAVA mineral science research it is possible to capture the essence of the Dead Sea to create a personalised in-home experience. To prove this point, AHAVA carried out an Experience Test in New York to film people’s reaction when comparing Dead Sea water with normal household tap water. Watch the video to see the reaction of everyday people.

Loaded with minerals that have both a physical and emotive effect on the body, there is a reason why the people travel from all over the world to bath in the Dead Sea’s mineral-rich waters. The Dead Sea is nature’s largest day spa and Mineral Swim™ creates a similar in-home experience. The silky sensation leaves your skin smooth, nourished and fully hydrated. Maytronics Mineral Swim™ system is all about the water, using two of nature’s most powerful elements – magnesium and ozone to create a pure swimming pool experience replicating the Dead Sea. Combining Dead Sea minerals rich in magnesium with Australian manufactured water purification technology of Ozone Swim. The result is a healthier alternative that elevates your pool experience to the next level of bathing. Instantly notice the difference of the pool water quality – it feels softer, there is no odour, it is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Discover the therapeutic effects of using Mineral Swim Minerals to bath in mineral-rich water that helps aid relaxation, reduce muscle tension and rehydrate the skin. Coupled with Ozone Swim water purification, discover the benefits of significantly reducing chemical use and eliminate nasty chloramines (the culprit causing irritation to the eyes and skin). Find your nearest Mineral Swim™ Stockist online, then head on down to the Dead Sea Water test today.

Mineral Swim

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