Dolphin Liberty M5 at the Gallery of Modern Art

01 December, 2013

Tom Stanley of Redlands Pool Service sought the help of Maytronics to provide the most efficient solution to cleaning an artificial lake with 99 lifelike animals lapping at the water’s edge, part of the Gai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth exhibition.

The battery-powered cordless M5 Liberty robot was the obvious choice for the main work of Gai Guo-Qiang. The uniqueness of this exhibit meant that application for such a device would need minimal disruption.

“I walk through the lake controlling the robot with the remote”, says Stanley. After 18 months in planning and approvals, it took 6 weeks to construct and 250 metres of pipe to plumb. The crystal-clear water clarity is testament to the dual-level filtration capabilities of the Liberty, catching the fine particles that settle on the bottom of the 250,000 litre lake.

Redlands Pool Service has a 5 month contract to maintain all the water related exhibits at the QLD Gallery of Modern Art. The exhibition is on until May 11 , 2014. For more information on the Liberty M5 please contact Maytronics.


Dolphin Liberty


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