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What is an Elite Builder?

Elite Builders are a network of Maytronics certified premium pool builders offering you the very best in new build pool systems, with the latest in innovative and high-quality products supplied by Maytronics. When you choose an Elite Builder, you can be confident you’re choosing the pool which will create a lifestyle experience, embracing the best in water quality and latest innovations.

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Your chosen Elite Builder will guide you through the optimal pool system for your needs. Your recommended Elite Builder PRO Series is an all-in-one ready to install package including a mineral purification system, energy saving pump, efficient filter, smart pool automation and optimisation kit, with unrivalled warranty and support.

Customer Service Guarantee

For complete peace of mind your Elite Builder PRO Series comes with market leading warranty, dedicated support plus complementary pool system health checks — ensuring your pool is operating in the most efficient way, so that you can enjoy crystal clear water for years to come.

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Maytronics in partnership with the Elite Builder Network work to change the pool industry with innovative and high-quality products for swimming pool owners. The Mineral Swim™ Elite Builder PRO Series offers, smart pool control, optimised efficiency, energy saving, health and wellness, and peace of mind.

Your exclusive Elite Builder Mineral Swim PRO Series package.

Save time spending hours researching & tentatively selecting your pool equipment. Your specialist selected Elite Builder will take you through the very best options for you and your pool investment. They will provide you with a unique tailored ready-to-install package that suits your needs, pool size, lifestyle, and budget.

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Exceptional Experience,
Ultimate Innovation

Support health & wellness with nature’s magnesium-rich minerals

Enjoy smart pool control with auto-clean and balance

Stay clean & green with our energy-saving pump

Exceptional water clarity with ozone-to-oxygen purification

Sit back and relax with the most efficient filter on the market

Enjoy peace of mind with our satisfaction guarantee

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Enter your postcode and estimated size of your desired pool. Click “Get Quote”. A local Maytronics Elite Builder will contact you to answer any questions you may have.


Recommended for your pool

Elite Builder Mineral Swim Pro Series 1


Pool System

MineralSwim PRO 1


Pool PH Control

pH-Drive i-Series


Pool Pump

ecoclear 800W VS


Pool Filter

ecoclear 25 Media

Recommended optimisations


Pool Minerals

Mineral Swim Dead Sea Minerals


Pool Lighting



Pool Cleaning

Dolphin M700


Pool Heating

ecoclear Inverter Heat Pump

Pool System DiagramPool System Diagram

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