The Significance of Climate Care Certified Products

12 October, 2023

Climate Care Certified the environmental sustainability benchmark

In the era of environmental consciousness, the choices we make as consumers significantly impact our planet's health. One significant step towards a sustainable future is opting for Climate Care Certified products. These certifications, independently tested and verified, assure us of a product’s environmental efficiency and sustainability. In this blog post, let's explore the importance of Climate Care Certified products and how they benefit you and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

What is Climate Care Certification?

Climate Care Certification is pioneered by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA), to give the benchmark in environmental sustainability for the Pool and Spa industry. Products bearing this certification have passed stringent independent tests, proving their energy and water efficiency, noise reduction, and innovative sustainable design. These certifications inspire confidence, assuring consumers that they are investing in products that align with eco-friendly practices.

Maytronics are proud to be industry leaders in Climate Care Certified products, Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are the first cleaners in the world to be Climate Care Certified. Maytronics Mineral Swim, Ozone Swim and Ecoclear Filter Media are all Climate Care Certified.

The Advantages of Climate Care Certified Products

The Advantages of Climate Care Certified Maytronics Products

1. Energy Efficiency: Climate Care certified products are known for their energy-saving capabilities. Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% or $350 per year. This translates to lower energy bills for consumers and decreased demand on energy resources compared to non-certified products.

Save energy with Maytronics Climate Care certified products

2. Enhanced Water Quality: Climate Care Certified products contribute to cleaner, healthier water. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners enhance water circulation and filtration with their built-in filter, leading to improved water quality, ensuring a cleaner and healthier swimming environment. Maytronics Mineral Swim and Ozone Swim reduce the need for high levels of harsh chemicals and enhance water quality naturally, reducing the need for backwashing. The Mineral Swim water can even be re-used for garden irrigation.

Maytronics Mineral Swim reduce back washing

3. Water Conservation: One of the key features of Climate Care Certified products is their ability to minimize water usage. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, for instance, have independent filtration and cleaning mechanisms that collect dirt and debris into an internal filter basket. This prevents dirt and debris reaching the main pool filter, reducing the need for backwashing, or cleaning the pool filter, resulting in water savings.

Save Water with Maytronics Climate Care Certified robotic pool cleaner

4. Ease of Use: Many certified products are designed for effortless operation. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners have features like top-access filtration systems, user friendly smartphone apps for control, and lightweight designs making them convenient and accessible for all users.

5. Environmental Responsibility: By choosing Climate Care Certified products, consumers show their commitment to environmental sustainability. These products incorporate water-efficient designs, energy-efficient components, and often noise reduction measures to reduce their environmental impact.

6. Industry Recognition: For industries, the certification serves as a badge of honour, highlighting their commitment to preserving the environment and adhering to best practices. It also inspires other players in the industry to follow suit and invest in a sustainable future.


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly solution to keep your pool clean? Look at our line-up of Dolphin Robotic Cleaners and Water Treatment systems, all proudly bearing the Climate Care Certification. These products are endorsed by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia for their commitment to sustainability.

Our Climate Care Certified products go beyond exceptional cleaning; they also contribute to energy and water conservation, reducing your environmental footprint. When you opt for Climate Care Certified products, you're not just improving your pool's cleanliness; you're also making a positive impact on our planet.

Discover our complete range of Climate Care Certified robotic pool cleaners and water treatment products today on our website.

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