Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners are the Market Leaders; Here's Why

05 February, 2021

A common question we see is 'What is the value in investing in a Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?' The benefits and technology included in the robots are intricate, technical, and advanced all while being repairable which is a rarity in the industry.

Here we dive deeper into exactly what makes our products the premium choice, hoping to answer some of your underlying questions and explain exactly what you get for the price of a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

As cliché as it sounds but with a Maytronics robot a key benefit, the owner gets back in time. Time for the things you enjoy, more time with your loved ones and more time to spend doing what you want to do; not what you have to do. Manually cleaning a pool is laborious and what is more frustrating is when your suction or vacuum pool cleaner doesn't have a suction power strong enough to collect all debris or misses obvious spots due to it not having navigational technology.

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The Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are self-sufficient running independently from other pool systems. More traditional pool cleaners such as a suction pool cleaner rely on the power of the pool "some pools have a lower output pressure, which means the cleaners won't generate enough suction power resulting in underperforming cleaning and more time spent trying to get it clean by hand!

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Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are developed with market-leading smart technology and a navigation system. This technology allows them to map out the pool or use an algorithm to best clean the entire area without getting stuck or missing big areas of the pool surface, walls or waterline. It allows for selected cleaners to connect to WiFi, opening a whole new range of options via the MyDolphin Plus App giving the user a variety of added options from the "pick me up" setting to set and forget scheduling. Pool owners can be connected to their pool any time, any day from anywhere in the world – yes that’s right, you can even set your Dolphin pool cleaner to clean your pool when you are away on holidays!

MyDolphin App (blog)

Dual filtration systems allow for a more precise and effective clean. Several of the cleaners come with different types of filter options being either filter cartridges or a filter bag. The filter cartridge is easier to clean but will not pick up all the very fine debris. The filter bag is double lined for a perfect clean to clear away fine dust build-up and large debris. The right filter option for the pool needs, mixed with the triple active brushes, will give the owner the perfect pool clean year-round.

Lastly, the Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are the first robotic pool cleaners to be climate care certified. Our robotic cleaners not only are the best on the market but save energy, save water, and improve water circulation.

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The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). It is the industry’s new efficiency and sustainability certification program.

To find out more about the environmental benefits of the Dolphin read our article here.

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*Not all cleaners have WiFi technology included. If this is a feature you desire, speak to your local dealer or check the product specifications if shopping online to find the right models for you!

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