3 Best Pool Cleaners for Fibreglass Pool in 2021

20 August, 2021

M600 In Pool Wall

We all want to enjoy a pool that’s easy to maintain, minimum care, maximum fun. The fiberglass pool is just that. Since it’s manufactured as a one piece, fiberglass pool maintenance requires less time and effort. But still, like every other type, fiberglass pool care shouldn’t be neglected. The simplest way to handle a steady cleaning routine is by choosing the ideal fiberglass pool cleaner – which is exactly what this article is about. We’ll cover here the best pool cleaner for fiberglass pools, which is the best robotic pool cleaner, as well as the best way to clean your fiberglass pool. If you want your pool surface to shine and sparkle, just take a dive into these handy tips.

The Dolphin S300i
Dolphin S300i Lifestyle 01

For a superior cleaning experience, you should pick the Dolphin S300i. This model combines full control with a completely autonomous and smart system. The cleaner is always connected to your MyDolphinTM Plus mobile app, so the power us in your hands.

  • Suitable for pools up to 12m

  • Programmable and fully adjusted according to timer

  • PowerStream pool navigation system

  • Controlled through the MyDolphin Plus phone app

  • Top load easy-use filter access

  • Covers pool floor, walls, and waterline-

The Dolphin M500
M500 image for blog

Sometimes a simple process can be achieved with an advanced cleaning system. The Dolphin M 500 efficiently cleans your pool, and is equipped with some of the most cutting-edge robotic pool cleaning facilities. The cleaner can be remotely controlled, and ensures your pool remains squeaky clean.

  • Weekly schedule and cleaning cycle selector

  • Interchangeable set of filters for different types of debris

  • Controlled entirely through MyDolphin Plus phone app and a remote control

  • Active cleaning of floor, walls, and waterline

  • Tangle-free cable

  • Suitable for pools up to 15m

The Dolphin M600
M600 PoolEdgeCloseUp

Your fiberglass pool needs the all-new robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin M 600. The model offers full performance and all the facilities you can expect for such an advanced model. It’s powerful, reliable and easy to use.

  • PowerStream system for efficient pool navigation

  • Remote-controlled through the MyDolphin phone app

  • Filter-indicator system for clean filters

  • Top-load filter access for simple maintenance

  • Full coverage of floor, walls, and waterline

Fiberglass pools are a great choice – they’re not only low-maintenance, but they’re also easy to maintain. So, if convenience was your main reason to invest in a fiberglass pool, a robotic pool cleaner should be a no-brainer. The robotic pool cleaner will essentially mean that all you need to do is set the weekly schedule and enjoy your family time, in the cool clear water.

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