How to prepare your pool for the summer

26 October, 2022

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How to prepare your pool for the summer!

The temperature has risen; summer is right around the corner! Which means it’s time to prepare your pool for another summer and get the party started!

Chances are, as pool owners you’ve already been getting ready for that sunny day.

Preparing your pool for the season is simple,but we recommend beginning your pool opening process at least a week before you plan to swim, as it can take a few days to restore a pool after winter, depending on how the pool was kept in the cooler months – follow the below checklist to make sure your pool is swim-ready!

Step 1 - Clean your pool cover

Before you remove your pool cover, have it cleaned. Remove any debris, dirt, or other items that have accumulated on your pool cover throughout the winter. There is likely water on top of your pool cover from rain – don’t dump this water into your pool, as it’s probably dirty.

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Step 2 – Clean filters and skimmer basket

Clean the filters and remove all leaves, dirt, and debris from the pool skimmer basket and pool pump basket(s). The less debris in the water, the more effective your initial shocking and chemical treatment will be.

Also check that your pump is working properly, and that water is flowing through the filter. We recommend checking for leaks in the piping, which can happen if there was a drainage issue and water freezing in the piping throughout winter.

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If you are unsure, contact your nearest Elite dealer👇

Step 3 – Make sure you have enough water

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Replenishing your pool’s water level is usually needed after winter. Add water to reach the middle of your skimmer opening. Don’t completely empty the water in your pool unless it’s necessary.

Step 4 – Check the chemicals in your pool

After winter, your pool usually needs some serious cleaning. Check for visible algae, if you spot any, scrub it off, and before you and your loved-one’s dive into the pool, be sure that the water is safe and healthy. That’s why we recommend doing a comprehensive test of your pool’s chemistry. You should be testing:

Alkalinity (80-120 ppm)

PH (7.2- 7.6)

Calcium hardness (150 – 250 ppm)

Chlorine (1.0 – 3.0 ppm)

Cyanuric acid (30 – 50 ppm)

Algaecide (30 – 50 ppm)

If any levels are off, treat your pool with the appropriate chemical to reach the correct level.

Or save yourself the frustration and hassle by getting your pool water tested by your closest Elite Dealer.

It could save you time and money by making sure you are not putting in chemicals that you don’t need.

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Step 5 – Run your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner

Bring your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner out from winter hibernation and get it working! We recommend letting the Dolphin run several times in the pool after the chemical testing and correction. If you don’t have a little helper yet, check out our range of Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, which suit all pools and budgets:

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Step 6 – Don’t forget safety

Before you officially open your pool for business in the summer, do an overhaul of your pool’s safety measures. Make sure your pool alarm is working and that the safety gates around your pool are in proper working order. Use this opportunity to check your first aid kit and flotation devices and replace any old, expired, or damaged items.

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Step 7 – Take a look around your pool

Don’t forget to look around your pool and prepare the surrounding area, trim unruly plants, or hedges, wash off your pool’s perimeter, and remove any items that might be a safety hazard.

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Step 8 – Think about maintenance

Once summer starts and your pool becomes the headquarters for fun, you’ll need to maintain your pool and keep it ready for use. Regularly test your pool’s chemicals and run your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner frequently to keep the water clean and safe for swimming, make sure your filter is clean and cover the pool when it’s not in use as a safety precaution and to avoid water

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Though this list may seem daunting, preparing your pool for summer is a simple task, especially when you have a Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaner and a group of Elite Dealers for support.

Learn more about our selection of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners:

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