Mineral Swim features on Healthy Homes

25 November, 2020

Mineral Swim features on Healthy Homes!

If you’re a domestic champion you’ll be familiar with the popular Healthy Homes Australia program on TEN. Walt Collins and Dani Wales treck across Australia finding the best of the best products to help you in your home, garden, lifestyle or new build project. We are so lucky they chose to feature Mineral Swim and Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners, manufactured by our parent company Maytronics!

Mineral Swim leads the way in using authentic Dead Sea minerals rich in magnesium and combines Ozone Swim, a water purification system.  The result is healthy, crystal-clear pool water with tangible therapeutic benefits.

Mineral Swim is a healthy way for families to swim. Eliminates the needs for lots of harsh chemicals resulting in pools water that is free of chlorine smells and is gentle on the skin and eliminates the cause of sore red eyes – chloramines. Combine 100% natural Dead Sea minerals with ozone-to-oxygen water purification and you’ve created a therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear swimming experience right in your home.

How does Ozone purification work?

  • Ozone generated from the Ozone Swim units do the majority of sanitising work in your pool, reducing chlorine demand by up to 80% while leaving you with clear, clean and odour free pool water.

  • Ozone effectively neutralises any organic contaminant instantly and reverts back to oxygen by the time your water returns to the pool body. Ozone Swim leaves you with noticeably softer water that is also safe and hygienic.

Ozone is the next generation of sanitation for your pool. Truly harnessing the power or Mother Nature, it’s the smart environmentally friendly choice for pools. Popular in public pools across Australia its naturally occurring and powerful process means it can be up to 3,000 times stronger than traditional purification systems!

Want to create a healthy therapeutic pool experience plus want to keep your pool clean without the hassle?

Invest in a Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaner – our full range of robotic pool cleaners will clean, scrub and filter your pool with ease. Our advanced innovative technology means the robot will systematically scan your pool for optimum coverage. Visit today to book your free demo!

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