What To Look For When Buying A Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

16 February, 2021

M600 In Pool Wall

Choosing the best pool cleaner may seem a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!

We go through the top features to look out for when choosing your pool robot.

1. The Pool Surface

First things first – what is your pool surface? Every pool surface has a different recommended brush type.

  • Wonder Brush (WB) – used for smooth surfaces like tiles, fibreglass & smooth glass beads. 

  • Combined Brush (CB) – a combination of PVC and Wonder brush rings used for rough pebbles and quartz rendered pools.

  • All-terrain Brush – suitable for any pool surface.

M600  On wall

2. Pool Size

This is important because every pool cleaner has a fixed cable length and depending on your pools size you may require a cleaner with an extended cable. If your cleaner does not it will not be able to reach all the corners and edges from the power supply – which needs to be a certain distance from the pool edge.

To find the best robot for your pool size, you can use the handy interactive which model tool!

3. Cleaning Features

The different robot models are designed for different cleaning purposes. Some clean only the floor of your pool, while others clean the floors and walls, or some can do it all and cover the floors, walls, and waterline. Naturally, the more features and benefits the cleaner has the more expensive it is, therefore it is important for you to understand what you need and desire out of your pool robot, so that you get the most functionality for your budget.

The more you understand about your pool and the problem areas, the better you will understand your pool cleaning needs.

The @maytronics S300i climbing the walls - blog

4. Filter Sizes

What type of environment do you live in? Do you have mostly trees around causing mainly large debris and leafy foliage to fall compared to minor dust settlement? Or maybe you have both? A dual filter cartridge is an ultimate requirement if you have a pool that collects a lot of both larger debris and fine dust.

Key tip: The smaller the micron value of the filter, the smaller the debris which the pool robot can clean from your pool water.

The journey of a leaf from floor to filter - blog

We also have a very handy comparison chart on our website which will compare all the key features of the robots across the M, S, and X series! To view the chart, click here.

To find your closest dealer for a one-on-one consultation click here.



Dolphin robotic pool cleaner

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