Why every backyard pool should have a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner!

21 February, 2022

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Reasons why you should choose a Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner!

There are many ways to clean your pool, you can use a suction cleaner, pressure cleaner, or a robotic cleaner.

  • A suction cleaner is often seen as the most affordable option but is inefficient and expensive to operate and maintain. Suction cleaners still require to be set up which involves connecting the pipes to the existing system, as well as post clean care. Usually, a basic suction pool cleaner will only clean the bottom of the pool and won’t scrub it thoroughly. Putting this bulky system into the pool can be a hassle and, operating it can be such a pain! Not to mention an eyesore when swimming!

  • A pressure pool cleaner picks up only large debris and it doesn’t scrub the floor. Plus it requires an external booster pump, and a lot of electricity, making it expensive and far from energy-efficient.

  • Let’s put aside the manual brush scrub which means you spend more time cleaning your pool rather than enjoying your swimming pool.

Why work so hard?!

With a Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner, owning a swimming pool can be easy and enjoyable!

With a Dolphin - Just plug it in and drop it in the pool!

Once the robot has been programmed and submerged in the pool, it’s ready for action and you can walk away leaving the Dolphin swimming pool cleaner to do its thing.

No need to utilise your pool’s filtration system or booster pump.

Whether you have an in-ground or aboveground swimming pool, your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner will get the job done, quickly and efficiently.

It will suck up large and small debris, special brushes will scrub any type of floor, walls, and waterline.

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Some Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, such as the M700 even include an app for your smart device, “MyDolphin™️ Plus”,  which will help you schedule your robot’s cleaning cycles and tell you when to clean the filter, which is super-easy and takes less than a minute. You can even do this away from your home!

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Robot pool cleaners are ‘SMART’ as they have the technological advancement to scan the entire pool and map out the surface area in grid form for a superior clean.

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The Dolphin range of robotic pool cleaners also sets a new benchmark in environmental sustainability by being the first robotic pool cleaner in the world to be SPASA Climate Care Certified. Meaning you will SAVE $$ on energy bills, SAVE on water, get BETTER water filtration, and use LESS chemicals. Dolphin Robotic pool cleaning is the easiest, most efficient, and most economical solution for keeping your pool clean and healthy!

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Your Dolphin automatic pool cleaner allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

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Visit our website and discover our range of Dolphin Maytronics robotic pool cleaners:

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