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Dolphins Purchased from Outside Australia


Maytronics Australia products:

  • 1. Warning if purchase made overseas

  • 1.1 All Maytronics products displayed on the www.maytronics.com.au and www.mydolphin.com.au websites (Maytronics Products) are specifically designed and modified to comply with Australian laws and standards.

  • 1.2 Given that the laws and standards that apply to goods and services can vary quite significantly in different jurisdictions, Maytronics Australia has ensured that all necessary modifications have been made to the Maytronics Products such that they meet Australia’s strict product and safety standards.

  • 1.3 If you have purchased or imported a product with a ‘Maytronics’ brand or similar to any of the Maytronics products displayed on www.maytronics.com.au or www.mydolphin.com.au from a country outside Australia, including via the internet from a website other than www.mydolphin.com.au, please be aware that that product was not supplied by Maytronics Australia and may not comply with Australian laws and standards. This may also affect the validity of any product liability insurances you may have in place.

  • 1.4 If that is the case, Maytronics Australia is not the manufacturer or supplier of the product you have purchased and has no obligation to honour any warranty given to you by the overseas supplier or manufacturer or to repair or replace your product for free.

  • 1.5 Please contact us if you would like our assistance to confirm whether a Maytronics Product you have purchased from a website other than www.mydolphin.com.au complies with Australian laws and standards.

  • 2. Liability

  • 2.1 Subject to clause 2.2 and to the maximum extent permitted by law, we (Maytronics Australia) are not liable for any loss, damage, cost, expense or liability (whether direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, special, punitive or otherwise) however caused (including by the negligence of Maytronics Australia), suffered by any person (including you) in connection with the purchase, manufacture or importation of Maytronics-branded products from jurisdictions outside Australia, including where the purchase is made via websites other than www.mydolphin.com.au (whether in relation to supply, installation, operation, failure, use or misuse or otherwise).

  • 2.2 If the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or any other legislation provides that there is a guarantee in relation to any good or service supplied by Maytronics Australia in connection with the supply of Maytronics Products and Maytronics Australia’s liability for failing to comply with that guarantee cannot be excluded but may be limited, or there is other liability that cannot be excluded pursuant to clause 2.1 above, then clause 2.1 does not apply to that liability and instead Maytronics Australia’s liability for such failure (or other non-excludable liability, as relevant) is limited to (at Maytronics Australia’s election), in the case of a supply of goods, Maytronics Australia replacing the goods or supplying equivalent goods or repairing the goods or paying the cost of any of those three remedies, or in the case of a supply of services, Maytronics Australia supplying the services again or paying the cost of having the services supplied again.

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