How to make the Pool Cleaner cover the entire pool?


How to make the Pool Cleaner cover the entire pool?

Possible reasons and corrective actions:

  • Place power supply in a position so that the Pool Cleaner can freely reach all the pool area

  • Check that there is enough slack in the floating cable for the Pool Cleaner to reach all of the pool

  • Clean the filter bag/basket/cartridge

  • (M Line only) You may enhance the pool coverage by adjusting the handle float. For optimal pool coverage the Pool Cleaner should turn on the floor at 90° angle (the Pool Cleaner rotates twice before completing the 90° turn) 1. If the Pool Cleaner does not complete a 90° turn, shift the float opposite to the cable’s entry–side towards the handle center 2. If the Pool Cleaner turns in an angle wider than 90°,shift the float on the cable’s entry-side towards the handle center

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