• Eco Swim box front view at 45 degrees right side
  • Eco Swim control unit on its own, showing the timer clock and display
Eco Swim box front view at 45 degrees right side
Eco Swim

Eco Swim ES300


Chlorinator suitable for pools up to 110,000 Litres


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Proven Performance

Eco Swim builds on decades of experience in deliver robust chlorination and..

Design Compatibility & Flexibility

Make your Eco Swim chlorinator more powerful by adding minerals

Easy to Use Interface

Simple and easy to use controls for effective application.

Safety Features

Standard features for maximum safety

Auto Self-Cleaning Cell Function

This low maintenance chlorinator cell will save

Proudly Australian Designed and Manufactured

Built tough for Australian conditions

Eco Swim Next-Gen Chlorination

Maytronics Eco Swim Chlorinators are more than a chlorinator with future-proof features to ensure a long life for your swimming pool investment.

Make your chlorinator more powerful with Maytronics easy upgrades.

  • Add Mineral Swim 100% Dead Sea magnesium rich minerals for health and well-being benefits

  • Add the Ozone Swim module to deliver powerful Ozone sanitation that allows you to reduces chlorine levels. Kind and gentle on skin and eyes.

  • Add pH control automation to ensure your pool water’s pH level is always optimised to ensure your sanitation works at maximum efficiency.

Whether it is salt or magnesium-rich Dead Sea Minerals in your pool, Eco Swim safely converts either element into a pure sanitiser, delivering 100% of your pool’s primary sanitation needs.

Global Leaders in Robotic Pool Cleaners!

Spasa Climate Care CertifiedISO 14001:2015

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