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Mineral Swim PRO Series Box 45 Right
Mineral SwimPRO Series

Mineral Swim PRO 1


Premium Mineral Purification System for pools up to 50,000 Litres, includes a combined mineral chlorinator & dual ozone purification control unit.


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Mineral Swim Pro Series Combined Control Unit

All Mineral Swim PRO series come with a unique Dual Ozone Purification & Mineral Chlorinator unit combined. Harness the power of natures' most powerful sanitiser, reduce chlorine demand by up to 80% & use natural minerals to sanitise your swimming pool. Giving you with crystal clear, clean & odour free pool water.

Ecoclear Shield & Swim

3-in-1 Pool Water Optimiser. Maytronics Ecoclear Shield & Swim assists in controlling scale, algae, and creates superb water clarity. It will improve the performance of your minerals, saving you time and money and enhances water comfort.

Mineral Swim Customer Care Plan

Have peace-of-mind knowing you’re backed by the Maytronics 12-month Customer Service Guarantee. We will send a professional pool maintenance team to your pool after 6 weeks and 6 months to ensure you Mineral Swim pool is healthy.

Made in Australia

Maytronics Mineral Swim system is Made in Australia, so you can be assured of a high-quality product, backed by leading warranty and expert customer service.

The Healthiest Swimming Experience In Your Own Pool

Mineral Swim PRO Series is a combined Dual Ozone and Mineral Chlorinator in one easy to install control unit. Designed to deliver a dual-layer of water purification and sanitation. Use in conjunction with Mineral Swim 100% Dead Sea Minerals, to give you crystal-clear and healthy water that is soft, gentle, and kind to skin, hair & eyes.

Global Leaders in Robotic Pool Cleaners!

Spasa Climate Care CertifiedISO 14001:2015

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