Is chlorine bad for my swimming pool?


Is chlorine bad for my swimming pool?

Chlorine in general is not bad for swimming pools, as it tends to be relatively diluted (not over-dosed). The by-product of chlorine is chloramines. Chloramines are the toxic chemical that cause red eyes and itchy skin. On occasion, they can also exacerbate people’s allergies on-contact with the skin or when inhaled (whilst swimming).

A variety of standards in Australia all recommend a minimum amount of free chlorine is required in the swimming pool to maintain good quality water while ensuring nasty bacteria and viruses are eliminated.

It’s how the by-product of chlorine (chloramine) is treated through the sanitation process, that is important. The advantage of Ozone Swim is that it eliminates or significantly reduces irritating chloramines and preserves a minimal amount of free chlorine to eliminate nasty pool water contaminants

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