All-New Dolphin Liberty Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

10 April, 2023

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Are you looking for a way to make your pool cleaning easier? Now, Maytronics Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the all-new cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™ robotic pool cleaner. This durable, efficient robotic cleaner is sure to transform the way you care for your swimming pool and provide you with an effortless and effective cleaning solution without the potential hassle of tangled cords.

The Dolphin LIBERTY™ is the new generation of cordless robotic pool cleaning with revolutionary new technologies for increased efficiency and ease of use.

"With the new LIBERTY™ models we managed to bring pool owners a robot with Maytronics' high standard of cleaning performance, and an unparalleled cordless experience. We are proud to continue to demonstrate our leading innovative capabilities, which are the core of the technological edge our products have preserved for many years." said Maytronics' CEO Sharon Goldenberg.

Let’s go back in time. In 2012 Maytronics designed and launched the world’s first cordless robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Liberty Pro. The Liberty Pro was the first robotic pool cleaner on the market with no obstructive power cord. Designed for irregular shaped pools, small pools, or pools with pillars or islands where a power cable would get tangled. It was designed with advanced Lithium ion battery technology, to have maximum suction power and cleaning hours with minimal charge times. 

Today, with further advanced technology the new cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™ robotic pool cleaner will replace the original Liberty Pro. Let’s look at what makes this robot pool cleaner so special.

The Dolphin LIBERTY™ boasts an impressive design that works hard to get your pool clean without taking up too much time or energy. Its slim profile allows it to easily access tight spaces in your pool while its robust build ensures that it can handle difficult tasks with ease. The robot also features advanced CleverClean™ scanning technology, which ensures that no area of your pool is left untouched, ensuring complete cleaning coverage.

The cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™ is designed to remove dirt and debris quickly and effectively from your pool surface. It utilises dual scrubbing brushes which are designed to loosen dirt and debris from the floor, walls and waterline, making sure no spot is left unclean. In addition, the robot’s filtration system with interchangeable filter options, can capture dirt particles as small as 2 microns in size, providing a more thorough clean than manual methods could ever hope to provide. 

Using powerful, intensive scrubbing action and a superior filtration system, you can get the same reliability and service you get with other Dolphin products, without needing to be connected to a power cord. In fact, the Dolphin LIBERTY™ cordless pool cleaner does an even better job of scrubbing the hard to reach places that traditional pool cleaners can miss.

The Dolphin LIBERTY™ difference includes:

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Inductive charging

The new generation in cordless pool cleaning, enhanced with inductive, magnetic connect for easy snap-in-place and walk-away charging.


Shake the sound-activated Clicker sensor in the water, and the Dolphin will climb up the pool wall to the water surface for super-easy removal from the pool.

Eco Mode

The cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™ “Eco Mode” will keep your pool floor clean all week long with short and efficient cleaning cycles on a single charge, and a “Cycle Selector” will let you choose between floor-only or floors and walls cleaning. Save money on your power bills while still enjoying a crystal clear pool.

Interchangeable Filter Options

Interchangeable fine and ultra-fine filter options, to tackle every level of dirt, dust, and debris.

Always Connected

Like other top-of-the-range Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, the cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™ also includes the MyDolphin™ Plus app for easy control and cleaning programs setup from the palm of your hands.

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Click here to watch the New Generation in Cordless Pool Cleaning on our YouTube Channel.

Discover the Dolphin LIBERTY™ Cordless Pool Cleaner Today!

If you’re looking for an effortless way to keep your swimming pool clean and sparkling, then look no further than the new cordless Dolphin LIBERTY™ from Maytronics Australia! With its innovative design and powerful cleaning performance, this robot will help make your pool cleaning routine quick and easy so that you can spend more time enjoying your swimming pool oasis instead of maintaining it. 

Get ready for a whole new era of effortless pool cleaning—the future starts now with the Dolphin LIBERTY™ cordless robotic pool cleaner!


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