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10 April, 2023

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Get Total Peace of Mind From Your Pool Cleaner And Mineral Swim System With The Maytronics For Life Benefits Program

Are you looking for a way to ensure that your pool investment is safe and remains sparkling clean?

Then you should definitely check out ‘Maytronics For Life’! This exclusive benefits program can be activated when you purchase a Dolphin M 700 robotic pool cleaner or an S 400 Robotic Pool Cleaner or a Mineral Swim™ Mineral Purification System.

Our robotic pool cleaners and water treatments are designed to do all the hard work for you so you have more time to relax and enjoy your pool. When you become part of the Maytronics For Life family, you are guaranteed total peace of mind and long-term satisfaction with your pool maintenance system.

What Is Maytronics For Life?

Maytronics For Life, is an exclusive benefits program that gives you total peace of mind and keeps your pool investment safe and sparkling clean, for life, with exclusive Maytronics lifetime benefits, in participation with your local Maytronics Elite Dealer.

As a member of the Maytronics For Life family, not only are you getting the best water purification system and smartest robotic swimming pool cleaners on the market, you will also receive access to customer service support, product discounts, trade-in promise and more.

The Benefits of Joining the Program

When you join the Maytronics For Life family, you’ll have access to several valuable benefits for our innovative swimming pool robots and purification systems, including:

30-day satisfaction guarantee - We are confident you will be happy with your purchase of the Dolphin M700 / S400 robotic pool cleaners or Mineral Swim System, if within 30 days from delivery date, you are not perfectly satisfied with your purchase, you can go back into your local store & swap it for an alternative option.

Trade-in promise - You will always have the latest pool cleaning technology, with a guaranteed trade-in against the purchase of a new premium Dolphin or Mineral Swim system, anytime you like.

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Lifetime yearly robot health check – Make sure your Dolphin automatic pool cleaner is working perfectly before each summer season, by booking it in with your local Elite Dealer for a FREE yearly professional service.

“Nobody knows your Dolphin better than an authorised Maytronics professional”.

Lifetime support – As well as a market-leading warranty you will receive expert advice from your local Maytronics Elite dealer for the lifetime of your robotic pool cleaner or Mineral Swim system. Simply call or visit your local Elite store for specialised expert advice.

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Get The Most From Your Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner and Mineral Swim System

Maytronics For Life is an excellent way to ensure that your swimming pool investment remains in the best condition for years to come. With this exclusive benefits program, you get total peace of mind with access to customer service support, product discounts, trade-in promise and more.

So don't wait any longer - join the Maytronics For Life family today! With our lifetime warranty promises and regular maintenance checks; we make sure your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner and Mineral Swim system work smoothly all year round!

Already got one of these products? Then don’t forget to register your details to get all the benefits from your Maytronics product.

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