Essential Tips for Swimming with Your Dog

13 October, 2023

Dogs in the Swimming Pool Tips for a Safe and Fun Experience

The summer sun is shining, and the pool beckons as a refreshing oasis of fun and relaxation. If you're a dog owner, you might be wondering whether it's safe to let your furry friend join in on the aquatic adventures. The good news is that swimming can be an enjoyable and beneficial activity for dogs, but there are important considerations to ensure their safety and the well-being of all pool users. In this blog article, we'll explore the joys of having dogs in the swimming pool and provide essential tips for a safe and fun experience.

The Joys of Swimming for Dogs:

1. Physical Exercise

Just like humans, dogs’ benefit from regular exercise, and swimming is an excellent low-impact workout for their muscles and joints. It's a great way to keep them fit and healthy, especially for older or arthritic dogs.

Swimming in pool a dogs benefit

2. Mental Stimulation

Swimming engages a dog's mind as they navigate the water, encouraging problem-solving and boosting cognitive abilities.

3. Beat the Heat

Dogs can overheat in the scorching summer months, and swimming offers them a chance to cool down and stay refreshed.

4. Bonding Opportunities

Swimming together can strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged companion, creating wonderful memories and a deeper connection.

Essential Tips for a Safe Experience:

1. Check if Your Dog Is Comfortable with Water

Start slowly, if your dog hasn't swum before, introduce them to the water gradually. Begin in shallow areas where they can touch the ground and build their confidence.

Is your dog comfortable in water

2. Teach Pool Exit Skills

Train your dog to locate the pool's steps or exit ramp. This is vital in case they accidentally fall in and need to find their way out. Dogs, especially with short legs might find it difficult to get in and out of the pool, so to assist you could invest in a specially designed ramp to provide an easy exit and entry point.

3. Supervision is Key

Never leave your dog unattended in the pool, even if they are confident swimmers. Accidents can happen, so its vital to always supervise your pet. For less experienced swimmers or those with physical limitations, consider using a doggy life jacket to provide extra buoyancy and support while they learn.

life jacket for dog

4. Rinse Before and After Swimming

Dogs can introduce dirt, debris, and organic matter into the pool, affecting the water quality and potentially causing filtration issues. Regularly cleaning the pool and maintaining proper water balance is crucial. Investing in a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner with an ultra-fine filter basket to filter the smallest dirt and debris, which your dog has on their fur and paws.

The croc and the dolphin for a clean pool

The chemicals used to maintain pool water, such as chlorine, can be harmful to dogs if ingested in large quantities and irritate your dog's skin and eyes. Rinse your furry friend with fresh water after swimming to wash away any chlorine or pool chemicals. If your dog loves swimming, consider investing in Maytronics Mineral Swim which allows you to use less harsh levels of chlorine and chemicals in the pool. The natural ozone purification plus the natural Dead Sea minerals softens the water and enhances water quality to make it much gentler on skin and eyes than traditional salt and chlorine swimming pools.

5. Know Your Dog's Limits

Pay attention to signs of fatigue or exhaustion. Dogs can tire quickly, so take breaks and provide them with fresh water to stay hydrated.

Dog break poolside

6. Consider Other Pool Users

If your pool is shared with others, be mindful of their comfort with dogs in the water. Always ask for permission before bringing your dog along. Ensure your dog takes regular bathroom breaks to maintain a clean comfortable environment for everyone.

Can dogs affect pool water?

You might not be aware, but when your furry companion takes a dip in your pool, they can also introduce a medley of dirt, bacteria, and fur into your pool water. It sounds unpleasant and it is! Depending on factors like their size, cleanliness, fur type, and how long they swim, dogs can impact your backyard pool in several ways:

1. Alter pool pH Levels

The dirt, dead skin, and body oils that dogs carry can introduce phosphates, throwing off the pH balance of your pool water. This imbalance can lead to cloudiness, skin irritations, and scale build-up on your pool equipment. To maintain the right pH levels, tools like the Maytronics pH Drive come in handy, ensuring your pool water stays balanced by dispensing the correct acid levels.

2. Reduced Sanitizer Effectiveness

A dog's fur can harbor contaminants like faecal matter or parasites. These impurities can deplete your sanitizer more rapidly, diminishing its effectiveness. This reduction in sanitizing power can result in cloudiness and encourage algae growth in your pool. Ozone Swim and Mineral Swim both use ozone-to-oxygen sanitation which is up to 3,000 times more powerful than other traditional purification systems, it even reduces your chlorine requirement by up to 80%. Ozone instantly neutralises any organic contaminant and converts it to oxygen before the water reaches your pool, leaving you with clear, clean, and more hygienic pool water without costly chemicals.

underwater dog and girl

3. Filter Clogs

Dogs, especially those prone to shedding, can introduce hair into your pool water, leading to clogs in your filtration system. These blockages disrupt the proper circulation of water, leaving you with stagnant, imbalanced, and cloudy water. If you're using a Dolphin pool cleaner, much of this debris will be trapped in the Dolphin filter, preventing it from reaching your pool filter. This not only saves water that would be used for backwashing but also reduces the frequency of cleaning out your pool's filter.

4. Potential Pool Liner Damage

If your canine companion has long or sharp nails, they pose a risk to your pool liner and equipment. Scratches and punctures caused by these nails can lead to leaks and upset the chemical balance of your water, causing additional problems for your pool. Ensure your pets nails are trimmed which can go along way to keeping the pool liner in good condition.

Dog enjoying the swimming pool


Swimming with your beloved pet can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both of you. It provides numerous physical and mental benefits while strengthening the bond you share.

However, it’s important to be mindful of potential issues and safety should always be a top priority. Regular pool maintenance and the use of the appropriate cleaning tools can go a long way in keeping your pool water crystal clear and enjoyable for everyone. By following these essential tips and being attentive to your dog's needs, you can ensure a safe and fun time in the pool.

So, grab those towels and toys, and let the splashing adventures begin with your furry companion!

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