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09 October, 2023

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Are you on the hunt for Australia’s finest swimming pools? If the answer is yes, then ‘Australia’s Best Pools’ is a must-watch TV series. Renowned landscape architect and TV personality, Dave Franklin, tours the country showing viewers the very best in pool design and construction in Australia. Alongside giving expert tips and showcasing the best products to maintain your own pool in optimal condition.

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Maytronics Australia are proud to be major sponsors of this pioneering TV show dedicated to Australian swimming pools. Featuring in the program, are industry-leading Dolphin robotic pool cleaners and Maytronics premium water treatment system, Mineral Swim. As the healthier way to sanitise your pool it features in many of the top-notch swimming pools shown. Mineral Swim uses the natural power of Ozone and magnesium rich dead-sea minerals to sanitise your swimming pool without the use of harsh levels of chemicals, for a healthier swimming experience.

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In Season 2 of “Australia’s Best Pools”, viewers get an exclusive preview of Maytronics’ latest products and innovations. Including the cutting-edge cordless Dolphin Liberty 400 and Poolside Connect, the world’s first inductive poolside charger, which won this years Product of the Year and Innovative Product of the Year, at the National SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association) Awards of Excellence.

The show features luxury pools constructed by Australia’s best pool builders, Maytronics Elite Builders. These premier pool builders use Maytronics top-quality products and innovations, to bring customers’ pool dreams to life. Watch these transformations and gain inspiration for your own dream pool or renovation!

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If you desire a fabulous staycation, hosts Dave Franklin, Jessie Roberts, and Josh Packham explore high-end hotels and spas featuring luxurious and inviting pools and spas, diving in, and giving their own insightful reviews!

Australias Best Pools hosts with Maytronics staff filming on location

Season 1 of “Australia’s Best Pools” is available for streaming on 9Now, and Season 2 airs every Saturday on 9Life.

For a glimpse of our favourite moments, visit our Maytronics YouTube channel and share your thoughts.

If you are passionate about all things pools or seeking ways to enhance your current pool setup, stay in the loop by following Maytronics and Mineral Swim on social media.

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