Introducing Poolside Connect

19 September, 2023

Poolside Connect robotic pool cleaner innovation

Maytronics the market leader in robotic swimming pool cleaners, has yet again achieved a global first with Poolside Connect – winning Product and Innovative Product of the year awards at the National 2023 Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) Awards of Excellence.

Maytronics Innovation SPASA award winner poolside

Maytronics is proud to introduce the world’s first poolside inductive charger. This solution is designed to eliminate the inconvenience of unsightly cables cluttering your pool deck.

Maytronics' Poolside Connect offers the freedom of inductive charging for the Dolphin PSC 60i automatic pool cleaner through a secure magnetic connection. It provides a sleek and unobtrusive way to establish a practical inductive link for underwater power and communication to the selected Dolphin PSC 60i robotic pool cleaner, delivering superior cleaning performance while ensuring limitless power.

With Poolside Connect, you can enjoy a cable-free poolside area while the Dolphin PSC 60i robot pool cleaner works tirelessly to keep your pool sparkling clean. The power cable discreetly runs underneath your deck, starting from the IoT Power Supply (safely positioned away from the pool) and extending to the Poolside Connect Transmitter, which can be installed on the pool’s edge or wall. This setup eliminates the need for a conspicuous blue power cable winding its way around your pool deck, allowing your family and friends to move freely and without worry of tripping over cables. The best robotic pool cleaners on the market now offer an even more convenient solution for your ongoing pool maintenance.

Poolside Connect is versatile and compatible with all types of swimming pools, including concrete, industrial, and fibreglass. It can be conveniently installed in the pool wall, on the pool wall or on the pool edge, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution for power and communication needs of your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

Poolside Connect is suitable for installation in three configuration options:

Poolside Connect


  • As easy to install as pool lights

  • Suitable for newly built pools

  • Compatible with all pools and surfaces

  • High-end premium finish


  • Retro-Fit – alter existing pool inlet

  • Suitable for industrial and concrete pools

Pool Edge

  • Simple installation – as easy as installing a skimmer box

  • Suitable for pools under construction or renovation

  • Easy out-of-water access

Poolside Connect will be available to purchase from late 2023 from Maytronics Elite Builders and major pool retailers. Due to different installation applications pricing will be available on request.

For further information please enquire now or visit our website.

Poolside Connect

Inductive Charger

Dolphin PSC 60i robotic pool cleaner

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