The Dolphin Hybrid Wins Top Innovation Award At Piscine 2012

21 November, 2012


The Dolphin Hybrid Robotic Suction Pool Cleaner, by Maytronics, has won the highly coveted INNOVATION AWARD at Piscine 2012 in Lyon, France. The Hybrid was competing against 100 other entrants from Pool Companies, at Lyon, one of the largest Pool Shows in the World.

“This is a great honour for us, it is simply fantastic when all the hard work and dedication of product development gets recognised by worldwide industry peers”, said Dan Kwaczynski, Managing Director of Maytronics Australia. “The Dolphin Hybrid is a true innovation in every sense of the word. It’s design, functionality and features are unique, and when coupled with it’s price positioning – make it a game changer in the pool cleaner market”.

The Hybrid uses hydro-electric power from traditional suction lines, to convert to low voltage electric inside the cleaner. This low voltage power drives a circuit board, solenoids and various sensors, enabling the Hybrid to use intelligence to determine when and where to clean each pool. The Hybrid is also continually improving it’s scanning patterns, using artificial intelligence to learn. What’s more the Hybrid works well with 3-speed pumps, enabling a great solution for the modern environmentally friendly pool.

The Hybrid was released in Australia at the SPLASH show in July on the Gold Coast and has already generated enormous interest and strong sales Australia wide. For more information please Contact Maytronics






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