How to maintain your pool after heavy rains!

28 March, 2022

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How to maintain your pool after heavy rains or storms!

With all the rain we have been seeing, getting your pool water level and chemistry back to normal is important. Here are our tips to help!

It is important that you get and keep your pool level in check as, apart from flooding your backyard and equipment, it can influence your pool water chemistry.

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If the pool water level does start to overflow into your gardens, patios, or grass areas it will bring other contaminants/bugs into the pool, and, flood your backyard. It is equally important not to drop your pool level too low because it leaves the pool walls open to damage from debris, and, more importantly, the weight of existing water will prevent it from lifting out of the ground due to excessive moisture in the soil will swell.

If you are unsure of what your levels should be or on any of the steps to take post downpour, make sure to contact your Elite dealer as soon as possible.

Now that your pool water level is correct, it’s time to check the water’s chemistry. Follow the steps below for a clean and healthy pool:

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If you are unsure on what to do, our Elite pool shop network are here to help!

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