The environmentally friendly way to keep your pool clean

22 April, 2022

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A Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is the environmentally friendly way to keep your pool clean.

With a Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaner you are not only saving time but also helping prevent climate change! When you purchase a Dolphin, you can be confident you will be using a certified environmentally friendly pool cleaning solution.

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The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA). It is the pool industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program. A Climate Care Certified product is a benchmark for environmental sustainability for swimming pools which measures water and energy efficiency, assessed by credible independent third-party testing and verification bodies. The Dolphin Robotic Cleaner range (Dolphin DB, M, S & X Lines) have met the stringent requirements of the SPASA Australia’s Climate Care Certified program.

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Lower your carbon footprint with a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. You can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 80%, compared to other traditional pool cleaners.Dolphins save power by operating and filtering inside the pool. They are completely independent of the pools main filtration system. The great benefit of this is that water does not have to travel all the way through bends to the filter pump, the Dolphin filters it immediately in the pool – which saves power spent on hydraulically moving the water.

Note: pool filtration is still required – just not to the same level needed when using other cleaners.

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Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are amazing, they can reduce your water wastage by up to 80% or over 13,000 litres a year! Robotic pool cleaners "save" you water by reducing the filtration time required, which means less backwashing or filter cleaning – which can typically use up to 20,000 litres a year! By using a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, it reduces your water wastage to only 6,000-7,000 litres a year, and as the operating pressure is lower, it puts less strain on the pump and filter.

Dolphins filter and remove debris in the water, so the main pool filter does not become clogged quickly, meaning fewer backwashes. Estimates are that by using a robot backwashing reduces by up to 30%, compared to other cleaning methods.

Suction cleaners require a high-water flow rate to operate. You may notice when your suction cleaner 'stops working', sometimes a quick backwash will get it moving again. A robotic cleaner, however, runs independently of the pool pump and filtration system with their own power, so it does not rely on the other components.

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With a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, you do not need to backwash your filter system as often, so you will need less chemicals. In Australia, most pools have suction cleaners that are permanently in the pool and connected, which makes the skimmer completely ineffective. All debris in the pool must slowly go through the water before it is eventually collected and held in the filter system, until the next backwash. The debris requires chemicals to control it – but with a Dolphin – the pool’s skimmer can work! And around half of all debris is removed from the filter system – saving you and the environment from unnecessary chemicals!

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With a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, you can relax and enjoy your pool, knowing that you are using the most environmentally friendly way to keep your pool clean and crystal clear.

Find out more about our Climate Care Certified Dolphin Robotic Cleaners:

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