Tips for Hosting the Perfect Pool Party

07 September, 2023

The perfect pool party with Maytronics

As a pool owner, you know that there are few activities more fun than a good old fashioned pool party. Organizing a pool party doesn’t need to be complicated. With some planning and creative thinking, you can throw the best party on the block in no time. 

Choose a fun theme

Your pool is the ideal setting for a fun and creatively themed party. With easy decorations, lights, and towels, you can easily transform your pool into dozens of backgrounds. Some themes we love include:

  • a “day at the beach” party

  • a mermaid party

  • a pirate party

  • an under the sea party

Assemble the perfect playlist

Nothing turns a ho-hum gathering into a party faster than some great tunes. You can pick songs to match your theme, or opt for classics that are loved by all age groups. Your playlist can also match the time of year or the style of the party. For example, a jazz playlist is perfect for a more mature, evening gathering while old-school Christmas classics could be perfect for a December event.

Don’t skimp on the snacks!

delicious snacks for a great pool party

Every great party requires delicious snacks and a pool party is no different. A fired-up grill is a great addition to any pool party, but you don’t need to stop with just a simple poolside burger and fresh fruits. We love using a barbecue for every part of the meal – think roasted vegetables drizzled with olive oil and feta cheese as appetizers, a DIY burger bar complete with toppings, and grilled fruit like pineapple topped with whipped cream. Be sure to have options for different dietary restrictions and to follow safety guidelines when it comes to handling food.

Create a custom cocktail!

Poolside Cocktail

Let’s be honest – what’s better than a delicious, poolside cocktail? We’re going with nothing. We love creating custom cocktails that fit the theme or occasion for the party. During the summer we prefer fruit-based drinks like daiquiris or margaritas. The cooler months are great times for warmer, cosier drinks like warm sangria, hot buttered rum, or spiced cider. Don’t forget to have non-alcoholic versions of your cocktails on hand so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Don't forget the sun protection

Sun Protection

Help your friends by having sunscreen available for their use throughout the day. Hours spent outdoors in or around the pool can lead to serious sun damage without the necessary SPF. In addition to sunscreen, we also like spreading out umbrellas around the pool to allow guests to hang out in the shade. These measures will be greatly appreciated by anyone who has woken up as red as a lobster after a pool party.

A place to take a load off

While the pool is the star of any pool party, you’re likely to have guests who will want a break from swimming or who prefer to stay poolside. That’s why comfortable upright and reclining chairs are key for a pool party. Plus, we have a feeling that by the end of the party you’ll want to relax with one of the cocktails we mentioned (see tip #5 above) on a fabulous chaise lounge.

Fun pool toys for the whole family

Fun pool toys for the whole family

Be sure to stock your pool with fun toys for the whole family. Wild pool floats, balls, pool noodles, and squirt guns are all great options that are available at all price points and that appeal to a wide variety of guests.

Make cleaning up easy

Nothing beats a great party, but dealing with the resulting mess can be a hassle. That’s why we are big believers in cleaning as you go. Keep several trash bags around so guests have easy access throughout the party and keep cleaning supplies like wipes and paper towels around for convenient and quick cleaning. Using a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner will give you one less cleaning task to worry about, we recommend running your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner before and after the party to remove any dirt and debris and keep the pool water and surfaces sparkling clean.

Safety first

When hosting guests, be sure that everyone is aware of pool safety rules. You must display a CPR sign prominently in the pool area. If kids are present, we recommend designating 1-2 adults to oversee safety and to be responsible for always keeping an eye on the pool. Having a fully stocked first aid kit is also a good idea.

Nothing beats sharing and enjoying your pool with friends and family. Let a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner be your ultimate party assistant, handling the tough pool cleaning tasks for you. Explore our extensive range of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners to find out which one is right for you, to ensure your pool remains impeccably clean and safe to use, at any time for years to come.

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