• Wonder Brush Ring x1
  • Brush Ring
  • Lowres-EP 6101611-R4-2
  • Highres-EREZ1915 6101611-R4
Wonder Brush Ring x1

Climbing Ring (All Combined Brushes) (1pc)


Climbing Ring x1 (4 Required)


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Maytronics certified genuine parts and accessories. Keep your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner in top condition. Designed to last, made from quality materials and tested in a rigorous quality control process.

Replacement Dolphin Wonder Brush Climbing Ring

Genuine Maytronics certified part. Has your pool robot started to struggle to climb up the pool walls? You may need to replace the wonder brush climbing rings. These foam rollers can be fitted to the front and back of any Dolphin combined brushes. They assist your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner in climbing the pool walls by providing traction, especially on smooth pool surfaces such as fibreglass or tiles where traction may be harder. 1 wonder brush ring per pack (4 required).

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