• Rough Filter Basket Insert 9983106
  • Net cartridge insert 9983106
Rough Filter Basket Insert 9983106

Rough Filter Insert (S200, S300i, S400, X30, X40+, X6, M600, M700)


Only for Maytronics Dolphin S200, S300i, S400, X30, X40+, X6, M600, M700 robotic pool cleaners


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Multi-Layer Filtration for Ultra Efficient Pool Cleaning

The Maytronics Dolphin Rough Filter Insert is a lightweight 4-sided mesh filter which is designed to fit inside your inner filter basket. It creates a multi-layer filtration system and pre-filters larger rough debris, before it hits your fine or ultra-fine filter panels, meaning less manual cleaning of the filter and more efficient water filtration. It is compatible with Dolphin S Line (S200, S300i, S400), X Line (X30, X40+, X6) and M Line (M600, M700) robotic pool cleaners.

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