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Universal Dolphin Caddy

Universal Dolphin Caddy


Suitable for all residential Dolphin robotic pool cleaners


Maytronics Genuine Parts & Accessories

Maytronics certified genuine parts and accessories. Keep your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner in top condition. Designed to last, made from quality materials and tested in a rigorous quality control process.

Stress-free Storage

The Dolphin caddy provides a proper storage solution and keeps the pressure off the brushes, allowing them to maintain their form.

Makes transporting your Dolphin easy

This lightweight, durable caddy makes transporting your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner a breeze.

Protects Your Power Supply

The Dolphin caddy provides a secure place to hold your power supply.

Easy Cable Management

The Dolphin caddy provides an easy way to organise your Dolphin robotic pool cleaners cable, organized and out of the way.

Easy and Safe Dolphin Transportation and Storage

The Dolphin Universal Caddy is compatible with all residential Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. The durable, light-weight Caddy makes transporting and storing your Dolphin and power supply easier and safer. Combine it with the Caddy Cover (9991410) for superior protection of your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner and its power supply.

*Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, power supply and cable not included.

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