Robotic Pool Cleaner VS Suction Pool Cleaner

05 June, 2023

Robotic Pool Cleaner VS Suction Pool Cleaner

In a market with numerous pool cleaning options covering various budgets, it can be difficult for pool owners to fully understand the benefits of each type of cleaning system and which is right for your pool. With competitive prices, it can also be difficult to rationalise the cost of more expensive options versus the more budget-friendly.

Should you choose a traditional pressure pool cleaner or go with a more advanced automatic pool cleaner model? Is there a difference between pool cleaners for above ground pools and in ground pools? We’re here to make your decision easier by comparing two of the most popular types of pool cleaner: robotic pool cleaners and suction pool cleaners.

What’s the difference between robotic pool cleaners and suction pool cleaners?


The required amount of human effort or ‘assistance’ needed for the automatic pool cleaners is next to none.

It is in the name - being a robot, they are essentially autonomous workers. Once they have been programmed and submerged in the pool, they are ready for action and you can walk away leaving the automatic pool cleaner robot to do its thing.

Maytronics Dolphin S400 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Suction pool cleaners (also known as suction side pool cleaners) are similar in that once they are connected and hooked up correctly, they can be left to move around the swimming pool. However, the major difference point to note here is that even the best suction pool cleaners still require being set-up. An automatic pool suction cleaner set-up involves connecting the pipes to the existing system, as well as post clean care. Post clean care often involves the dismantling, rinsing of the filtration system and backwashing.


Robotic Pool Cleaner Clever Clean

This leads us to the topic of running the different cleaners. Automatic robot pool cleaners are ‘smarter’ as they have the technological advancements to scan the entire pool and map out the pool surface area in grid form for a proficient clean. This makes sure the robot does not miss any corners or areas, as well as stops it from getting stuck. Suction pool cleaners clean at a random or predetermined pattern. You may still need to do some manual pool cleaning if any areas are missed by the suction cleaner or run it again which can become expensive.


Maytronics Dolphin M700 robotic pool cleaner filtration system

Unlike robots, the suction cleaners do not have their own filtration system meaning they do require connection to your pool's existing filtration system. To work, suction cleaners require being connected to your existing skimmer and pool filter at the water intake valve i.e. the cleaner strains the water through the pool skimmer basket and filter when cleaning the pool and collecting debris. This causes two key issues, those being that it must be connected to an external filter and the existing pool system must be on to work, resulting in a higher electricity/power cost over time compared to the robotic pool cleaners that are ‘self-sufficient’.

Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaner climate care certified

While you may be leaning towards a suction pool cleaner due to it being the more affordable option in theory, a robotic pool cleaner’s value cannot be measured in money. The time saved on effort and pool maintenance is invaluable - and gives you more time to spend enjoying your pool’s crystal clear water.

What makes Maytronics robotic pool cleaners the smarter option?

As technological advancement and the idea of having a smart home becomes more attainable and idealistic for many, Maytronics have been working to install smart technology into our robots. Having a robotic pool cleaner with wi-fi connectivity makes using it as easy as simply submerging the robot in the pool and using the app to start the cleaning cycle. This can be done from anywhere in the world, at any time, if the robot is in the pool, creating the opportunity for optimal performance at all times. It also gives the option to have the robot pre-programmed to run on a specific cleaning cycle, duration, time, and select the days you want it to run i.e. every second day if it needs a deep clean pre-summer or every Friday if you are maintaining it for weekend use.

If you are a busy family, or simply like the ease of using apps to connect to smart home software, we recommend picking a robot with the IoT WiFi connectivity software. We have an extensive range of robotic cleaners to suit all pool types. To find the perfect model to keep your pool clean click here.

Which Maytronics Dolphin is right for you?

Tips For Using Automatic Pool Cleaners::

1.     Turn off the pool pump and allow the debris to settle to the pool floor. This will also ease wear and tear on the existing filtration systems thus prolonging the life span.

2.     Clean your robot's filter after use; this will keep the robotic cleaner running at full capacity and collecting as much debris and dust as possible.

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